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"It was just a hookup."
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Insufficient Evidence
In her latest psychological thriller in the series, Susan Kraus tackles polarizing social and political issues and makes them personal, and pushes our understanding of personal accountability, consent, consequences and a hunger for justice, to a controversial edge.

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This three-book series features Grace McDonald, a 55-year old therapist and mediator, who had a marriage, a husband, and shiny brown hair that did not come out of a bottle. Before her husband was murdered, Grace respected rules and didn't like to rock anyone's boat. Now, Grace is more than a little jaded.
These novels tackle provocative social issues while engaging readers with characters worth caring about and page-turning plots. When you finish a Grace McDonald book, it's hard to let go in your head even when the book itself is back on the shelf. There's always a mystery — but not necessarily a murder. Because, sometimes, dying is the easy way out. It's living that gets messy.


A fast-paced, involving family drama that tackles a headline-grabbing religious sect.; Kraus displays a tremendous talent for making even the most unsympathetic characters three-dimensional.; Grace is a compelling fictional creation: a woman who patiently and skillfully explores the tense pressures beneath the surface of the Phelps-Flores case.; Grace explores the subtleties of her own relationship with her adult daughter.; The author weaves a great deal of background information into the story.;


A thoughtful, balanced novel, and a great mix of courtroom drama and psychological thrills.; In her debut novel, Kraus, a therapist and mediator, brings acute psychological observation to her storytelling.; Provides multilayered characters, with realistic contradictions and back stories.; She does a great job of explaining the plot's many technical and forensic details.; A therapist becomes the target of a carefully calculated setup in Kraus's debut thriller.;


It seems to me that our entire culture is now struggling with how to understand the accusations of sexual misconduct now pervading all corners of our personal, professional, and political lives. Kraus does not seek to create villains but to present a balanced view of how misperceptions can lead to unintended victims.; She highlights the limitations of the current justice system then takes up the cudgel of retribution in unexpected ways.; This is a great read, but also an important one. I can see this on many a Book Club reading list--I know I am going to recommend it to mine!!!; Susan Kraus deals with a wrenching subject with a lively, energetic writing style that makes the reader want to keep on reading. Should be required reading for all college sororities and fraternities.; The psychotherapist/grandmother protagonist turns rogue detective in this engaging page turner that is sure to provoke lively discussion on a timely topic and provide a few welcome laughs along the way.; I appreciated how thoroughly Susan had absorbed the subtleties of rape culture, and the book led me to understand just how difficult it is to convict a rapist, especially a frat boy rapist, because of the subtleties of consent.;